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Success Stories

Natural Fertility

A 36 year old mother of two came to me after trying to conceive a third child for 6 months. She hadn't got pregnant over ten years after giving birth to her second child although her periods had been normal. She had miscarried 8 months before she saw me and I treated her weekly to restore her body health and promote fertility. After 5 weeks of treatment, her chronic dizziness and anemic signs disappeared and she decided to continue weekly acupuncture treatment. Four months into her treatment, her period did not come. She discovered that she had fallen pregnant again naturally. During the first trimester, she was very anxious with another miscarriage as the previous one accompanied heavy bleeding and depression. I focused on treating her anxiety while trying to keep the fetus healthy and stable. She is now expecting twins in a month. Specialists are surprised as they did not think that she would be able to fall pregnant again due to her long infertility.

Turning a  breech birth

A 42 year old woman came to me at almost 38 weeks gestation for assistance in turning her breech baby. At 39 weeks, the baby still had not turned, so I increased the amount of time she was using the moxa stick at home and continued with labour preparation treatment using acupuncture and moxibustion. The baby still did not turn. Her OB doctor planned to induce her if necessary, but at 40 weeks and after only 2 treatments, she went into labour naturally. She gave birth vaginally without complications.

Ending Knee Pain

A 45 year old woman came to me with severe knee pain affecting her right leg. The pain started after a bad fall 10 years ago and was on and off every year depending on climate and her work environment. It disturbed her work, and as a result, she was becoming quite tired. She was unable to walk quickly and was developing a limp. She was treated once a week with acupuncture and  moxibustion. After three treatments, she was able to walk without any discomfort and had returned to the gym. After four treatments, the pain was gone completely. She came for one more treatment and then discontinued with satisfaction.

Managing teenage depression and anxiety

Last autumn, I began treatment with a 19 year old girl with suicidal depression and anxiety brought on by her parents' divorce. Secondary symptoms included poor energy, constipation, tight back, irregular menses with severe PMT, palpitations, and panic. Her doctors have had her on depression and anxiety medication along with the contraceptive pill to regulate her menses. She varied between outbursts of anger and not communicating her emotions. After a course of twice weekly treatment for 1 month, she has found some lessening of her symptoms along with more energy for exercising.  She continues to have bouts of intense anxiety, but it is becoming more manageable. Regular maintenance treatment has been advised to prevent relapses and continue to improve her condition.

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